Return to Learn Plan

Rock Valley Community School District

As required by the Iowa Department of Education, the Rock Valley Community School District has developed a Return Learn Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.  The plan includes three different learning plans:  On-site, Remote Learning, and a Hybrid Model.  Regardless of the model being used, learning will be required of all students according to state law.  The plans are designed to be fluid, meaning we may move from one plan to another throughout the school year.  Students K-12 will have their own iPad this year, so all students will be prepared for remote learning options.  Our first choice is to have students attend school on-site as it is the optimal learning environment. School will begin on August 24.

As part of our planning, teachers have met with other teachers to discuss what skills their students missed (for example, 1st grade teachers met with second grade teachers).  These skills were compiled last May.  This fall, teachers will meet again to review these conversations and plan for how to fill those gaps during the course of the school year.  Math and reading screeners are given annually in grades K-8.  These assessments are given several times during the year and provide information regarding individual students' needs to classroom teachers.  These will be especially important this school year.  Additional after-school OR summer school programming may be implemented depending upon student needs.

Beginning early in the school year (and throughout), students will be given further education on how to navigate remote learning.  Examples of this learning may include: accessing e-mail, joining online meetings, participating appropriately during remote instruction, accessing and navigating within Google Classroom or Seesaw, or accessing the District Return to Learn website that holds the district supported and most commonly used programs/applications.  Students will be given assignments at times that could be done either in an on-site or remote learning environment so students will be more prepared to move into one of our other learning models.

Because of our 1:1 computing program, our staff was prepared to deliver remote instruction.  However, much of our 2020-2021 professional development will focus on ways to further enhance remote learning through quality instruction.  In addition, we are also developing training for parents to assist their children with remote learning.

Transportationwill continue to be provided. ***Parents who are able are encouraged to bring their children to school (or carpool) to limit the number of students on a bus. ***The following guidelines/procedures will be used on buses:

  • Busses will use social distancing as much as possible
  • When possible, students will sit in every-other seat.
  • Siblings will sit together.
  • Students will sanitize their hands (using hand sanitizer) when entering.
  • Masks are optional on busses.  However, the district encourages individuals and families to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and others
  • Busses will be disinfected after each route.

Internet Connectivity:  The district may provide internet connectivity hotspots in town or at school for students to be able to connect during remote or hybrid learning.  In cases where this is not possible or for those out of town, hard copies will be available for pickup at school.

Preschool may be handled independently from K-12 as it is served in a separate building.

Families will have the option to choose remote learning for their children, if desired. If remote learning is chosen, learning may look different than those attending on-site learning.  For example, students choosing remote learning will not have live learning opportunities.  Teachers will record their classroom learning sessions for students in remote learning to view later.  Student schedules may be altered as not all classes are deliverable in remote learning.  Families who wish to choose remote learning for their children are required to contact Superintendent Janzen.